James Baker

About the Author
“Anger is one of the great un-confronted addictions of our time,” explained James A. Baker of Houston, Texas and the author of the best selling “Anger Busting Workbook”. “As a nation we expend copious resources treating the symptoms and the causes of anger, but sometimes we just need to help people get a grip.” As Founder of The Anger Management Training Institute and the founder and Chairman of Baker Communications a twenty million dollar training monolith, Jim combines over 30 years as a celebrated corporate trainer with over 15 years in the recovery movement which has helped him to create a set of powerful tools for helping anger addicts lead saner, safer, and happier lives. Jim founded the Anger Management Training Institute LLC in 1996 to aid anger addicts and the people who care about them. He can be reached at

Newton Hightower

About the Author
Newton Hightower is Founder and Director of the Center for Anger Resolution, Inc., in Houston, Texas. A licensed psychotherapist for more than 30 years, he is a popular speaker at national and regional professional associations and is a frequent guest on both radion and TV talk shows.